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It’s a Monster Raving Election April 25, 2010

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I feel I should, like my friend and fellow blogster, Ian Marchant (see http://ianmarchant.wordpress.com) be writing more and more frequently about what is admittedly turning into an rather fascinating election campaign. However despite the emergence of the LibDems as serious contenders, my avowed cynicism about the outcome  (see Vote For… Who? – April 11th) has not been dispelled and I remain convinced that whoever wins we’ll still get another government of lying, self-serving nincompoops. Or perhaps I’m being a tad harsh? Many of them are not nincompoops, they are cunning, sharp-eyed career politicos who just happen to evade the truth and serve their own interests before those of their paymasters, (that’s you and me, buddy).

I am also unconvinced about the value of the televised debates which many hacks and observers who should know better claim to’ve energized the election process and will miraculously prompt a higher turnout than of yore. To me they are little more than the inevitable consequence of X-Factor Britain where celebrity is given full reign and cogent, fact-based argument is replaced by hectoring. To some extent of course this has ever been thus, certainly in my lifetime, but Macaroon and Cleggie’s failure to even mention Labour taking us into the Iraq way during the so-called ‘foreign policy’ debate, a war of eye-watering cost and one which the millions of Britons who took to the streets against were lied to and ignored, confirmed in my mind that politics today is just a cosy complicity of vested interests. And why are there no high-profile women MPs, ministers or their shadows in this campaign? If I was a female voter I’d be incensed at this, and indeed the way the leader’s wives are being given such prominence simply because they look good(ish).

It was equally telling (maybe) that I was staying in the People’s Republic of Stoke Newington this weekend where I saw only one New Labour poster, but a plethora of LibDem and even UKIP placards, and as Ian had observed in his daily blogs during the campaign, NewLab just don’t seem to be promoting themselves as they have in past elections. Mine hosts explained to me that here in Stokie this is because the egregious (in my view) Diane Abbott has a safe seat, but such smug certitude cannot be the norm throughout the land? Or can it?

If it is, then can I commend you all to catch Roman Polanski’s latest flic, The Ghost, in which a very Blairian-style ex-PM is gradually revealed as an indicted war criminal who was also, gulp, in the pay of the CIA. It’s a gripping piece of work with a plausible subtext which just about outweighs it conspiracy theory motifs. Don’t live near a cinema, ticket prices just too steep on your wages (if you’re lucky enough to have any) or simply can’t be arsed, then check out this clever YouTube pastiche of Pulp’s ‘Common People’ which, if you must vote, will have you – like me – running as far away from the Tories as you can on May 6th.

Which remains in my case into the arms of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Check it out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKFTtYx2OHc&feature=player_embedded

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1. WTK - April 26, 2010

Oh My, I have so much to say and so little time to write. Let me summarize (after gobbling as many UK versions of events as are available here). I am very bored with the US version and UK version of politics. Far too predictable. I am leaning toward adopting a more interesting format for my polictical viewing, say, regime change a la the Polish Pilots Association, or the well-greased Revolving Door a la Italy, or It’s Anybody’s Guess a la Afganistan. Every day would be a new and interesting political forum. Hey, the pundits may even have to pay attention to events.

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